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Bethesda Scientific Corp.


Bethesda Scientific Corp. successfully introduces American patented "Controlled Release Technology" and produces the product in Taiwan. Encapsulate micron level particles with slow release material. Instead of 3-4 times hard working, we just need ONE time in each rice growing period. The controlled release particle will consistantly release the encapsulated material within 21 days. Effectively repel and deactivate apple snail.


100% nature, health, and toxic-free. The product can be delivered with small particles in a pack or liquid in a bottle. Only one pack or one bottle will be needed in every 1K square meters. Reduce the process from 3-4 times to only ONE time.


Bethesda effectively integrates world class expert team and commites in sustainable agriculture. We continuously develop brand new organic biotechnology products. Provide best quality and highly effective solutions for farmers.

  • Natural material pesticide

  • Effectively repel and deactivate apple snail.

  • Scienticly proofed efficacy

  • Unceasingly release AI for about 21 days

  • Easy to use by pulling liquid into rice field 

  • Zero residue, environmental friendly

Controlled Release Technology

  • Patented in America and produced in Taiwan.

  • Controlled release in 21 days.

  • Encapsulate micron level particle in liquid mode.

  • Free from hard working

Insisting in nature, health, non-toxic, and environmental care, we provide the best agri-biotech products.

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